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Discovering Beauty When the NYC Disappears

It was my dream to photograph a NYC apartment at twilight. I envisioned glowing NYC views in each window. I got an opportunity to photograph a stunning apartment in the new Rose Hill development in NYC. As the evening neared the weather was stormy & there was a mist slowly covering the city. I didn't know what to do. I consulted with a master photographer and he told me to do it. He said that everyone has the shots of the city in the windows. Yours will be unique. You don't want to your images to be the same as everyone else. Be different.

It turned out to be career changing advice. I did the session and the result was ethereal romantic images. I am an experienced photographer who has shot in many different situations. I have found the advice from mentors to be invaluable. It gives you a new perspective and can move you the next level if you are open to it.


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