Penthouse, Long Island City, NY
New Development, New York City, Luxury C
Kitchen, New Development, NYC
Luxury bath of New York City home
Dining room, interior design, NYC architecture
Cathedral ceilings, NYC architecture
Long Island high end kitchen
View from Factory House at 42-60 Crescent St. Long Island City NY
Mediterranean style designed foyer
NYC Penthouse at Twilight, NY

Interior photography is a specialized type of photography where you can encounter many obstacles and challenges.  As with all photography the light is everything. Shooting with natural light will give you the best representation of the space. There are other tools you can use such as flash photography to enhance your images. Shooting interiors is full of challenges including light sources like windows, reflections, time of day, artificial light sources, tight spaces and more. Having shot in many situations and locations I have developed the skills to identify and overcome those challenges. Long Island and New York City can have four seasons in one day.  As a photographer you need to be ready to face any weather or logistical situation and do it well.

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