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Commercial Architectural Photography

View the latest projects of commercial buildings, corporate offices, and residential apartment towers for architects and interior designers on Long Island and in New York City, Queens, and Brooklyn by Elizabeth Leidel.

Commercial Architectural Photographer Elizabeth Leidel 

Elizabeth Leidel is a professional N.Y. photographer specializing in residential and commercial architectural photography of interiors & exteriors design, architecture, and architectural photography for architects, interior designers, developers, commercial and design professionals, serving clients in Long Island and New York City areas, including Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. 


Elizabeth Leidel's Commercial Architectural Photography portfolio consists of high-quality exterior/interior photos of architectural buildings, architecture, corporate offices, residential apartment towers, and landscapes throughout the Long Island, New York City, Queens, and Brooklyn areas. Have any questions or need a project photographed? Feel free to reach out at or call me at (516) 417-7397 to discuss shooting your next project.

Please take a look at our Interior Architectural and Architectural Exterior Photography portfolios.

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