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Anatomy of a City Twilight Photograph

I have been shooting in NYC frequently. When driving back in the evening through the city I would pass the Robert J. Horner Building spectacularly lit up. It's the only building on that street that is completely lit up in white. I couldn't resist and pulled over, parked and dragged my gear out in the middle of rush hour. I used the Canon TS 24mm because it's so sharp and I didn't want a lot of street. I had to stand in the middle of a crowd waiting for the bus and in 30 mile per hour winds. You have to manually focus when you shoot at night. Below is the shot. I'm happy with it. The light trails helped cover the parked cars (you can't avoid that in NYC). I was at F11 with my ISO as low as possible to avoid noise in the image.

If I had planned the shot out I may of taken a day shot when there were no cars on the day they clean the streets.

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